Most courses will include some kind of exam. These are different to other kinds of assignment and require different preparation. 

Revising and preparing for exams 

Use our advice on revision strategies, techniques and how to create an effective revision timetable

Use online lecture recordings in Blackboard to review and refresh on key concepts. 

Sitting exams 

Our advice on exams will help make the experience easier, covering techniques you can use and a handy checklist on what to do before, during and after your exam


Writing your presentation  

You will sometimes be asked to make presentations to other students and your lecturers. You will need to prepare these in a different way to written assignments, including thinking about structure and presentation. 

Tools for presenting 

Pick the presentation tool that works best for you. Sometimes you can just read from notes, but you might need to use slides or other visual aids. 

Make sure you know how to make good use of PowerPoint (video course 1:46:00). You might also like to try other online presentation tools like Sway (part of Office 365) or Prezi

Using images  

If you want to use images to make your presentations more visually appealing, make sure you know how to find and use copyright-free images to include in your work.