Where to study

Find the right study space for you across campus, whether that’s silent study, groupwork, or a place to log on to online learning.

Independent learning  

Higher education is different to school or further education. You will be expected to work independently much of the time and reflect on your own work and development. Our guide to learning at university explains what this means, as well as the difference between lectures, seminars, and tutorials and how you can make the most of them. 

Want to rate your study skills and work out where you might need some more help to develop independence? Take our quick skills check.

Reflective learning

A reflective learner is a good learner. Our guide shows you how reflective learning can help you develop a better understanding of yourself and your subject. You might find keeping a learning journal helps you reflect on your progress and identify your strengths, weaknesses and preferences. 

Critical thinking

Questioning what you know and learn is a key part of learning at university. Our guide to critical thinking and criticality will get you started on learning to analyse and evaluate as you study.

Working in groups  

Groupwork is another important part of university. You might need to work in a group for some of your assessments. Find out more about working in a group, from setting ground rules to delegating tasks.