Many of our courses require maths or numeracy skills even if you’re not studying a science or maths related subject. Students are often worried about working with numbers, perhaps because they haven’t studied maths since school or college. We have a range of resources to help with your general maths and numeracy skills, as well as some specially designed for healthcare professionals and trainee teachers. 

Stats and data 

Qualitative and quantitative data: what’s the difference?

If you’re not sure what the difference is between qualitative and quantitative data, have a look at this guide. It gives you definitions for both types and explains some of the data collection tools that are used for both.

We also have a useful resource list with lots of books recommended by our lecturers that explain research methods in more detail.

Analysing data

If you’re analysing data, you will need to use specialist software. The video tutorials below can help you get to grips with these. Just jump into whatever section you need. 

SPSS (video course 5:49:00) is a tool for statistical analysis. You can download a copy of SPSS for free from the University’s Student Software Store.

NVivo (video course 1:23:00) is a tool for analysing qualitative data. You can download NVivo from the Student Software Store.